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Pile of Folded Knits

About Nabulizi

Nabulizi's Alterations was founded by a husband and wife, Lu and Eve. Nabulizi is their families' nation and represents the region of Africa from where they descend. Lu is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and his wife, Eve, is from Burundi. Both of these countries are located in the Sub-Saharan region of Central Africa. In 2007, Lu relocated to a refugee camp in Tanzania where he met Eve. The camp is where Lu began an apprenticeship in tailoring and fashion design. This training focused on the creation and design of dresses, skirts, blouses, and pants. He honed his skills over the three years he lived and worked in the refugee camp. In 2010, Lu and Eve began their journey to the United States. Once in the states, Lu worked as a tailor for a high-end fashion department store. In 2020, he resolved to start a new venture, Nabulizi's Alterations, with his wife. They are beginning with alterations and will be providing additional services as the company grows.

Our Expertise


With over ten years of experience, Nabulizi's Alterations is dedicated to working with each of our customers one-on-one. We want you to have an experience that makes you feel unique and makes you love getting dressed in the morning. We can help you with that outfit you plan to wear every day and the special occasion outfit you wear once in a lifetime. We would love to meet with you and work on your next project. Make an appointment today to see what we can do for you. 
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